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Pick Your Own Flowers


Pick Your Own Flowers

We may be a micro flower farm, but our passion for blossoms knows no bounds. With hopeful hearts and a touch of uncertainty, we proudly present our delightful collection of flowers — a labor of love that’s just beginning to bloom.

There are currently two kinds of flowers growing, but rest assured they come in a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues. Picture a palette of colors unfolding before your eyes, a symphony of petals dancing in the breeze.

Whether you’re seeking a bouquet to grace your home, a gift to brighten a loved one’s day, or simply a moment of tranquil reflection amidst nature’s splendor, our micro flower farm invites you to indulge in its gentle beauty.

At Big Stars Farm, we believe in the power of nature’s blooms to inspire and uplift, and we’re thrilled to share our blossoms with you.

Experience the enchantment of our flower farm

Experience the enchantment of our flower farm — where dreams are nurtured, colors come alive, and nature’s artistry unfolds. As we grow and learn, we invite you to witness the evolution of our baby flower farm and become part of our blooming story.

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