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Local Herd Share Program

Want to enjoy fresh, raw milk delivery straight from farm to table without the hassle of owning and milking a dairy cow? Look no further than our Herdshare program at Big Star Farms!

As a Herdshare member, you’ll have joint ownership of our happy and healthy herd of cattle. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of fresh milk production without having to do the daily maintenance yourself. Each share entitles you to a half gallon of our delicious milk per week at this time there is no limit to the amount of shares. 

We take care of everything so you can sit back, sip, and relax with a nice frothy milk mustache. Plus, with our commitment to responsible and sustainable farming practices, you can rest assured that you’re not only enjoying milk but also supporting the local community and environment.

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Our Role

Your Role

Pickup Locations

We offer 3 pickup locations for your convenience:

Abilene, TX (Mondays)

Jim Ned Valley (Tuesdays Or Fridays)

San Angelo (Thursdays)


These documents have been drafted specifically for our farm by attorneys at the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, which exists for the sole purpose of helping farmers and consumers interact legally.

The “legalese” may look complex, even excessive, but it is not there to keep you in the dark. Rather, it’s necessary to make sure you can enjoy safe, healthy, farm-fresh food without violating state or federal law.

We are always happy to answer questions feel free to give us a call (325) 518-2378

Join our Herdshare program today and experience the joys of farm-fresh milk in a hassle-free way!

Bovine Agister Agreement


This agreement lays out your monthly maintenance cost of your herd share and details how our dairy herd will be managed. Basically, it is all the meat and potatoes, and we encourage you to read it fully and ask questions on anything you would like clarified.

Summary: You agree to pay your monthly herd maintenance and pick up your milk as agreed and we agree to care for, feed, and milk the herd and provide a monthly herd report.

To join us click the link on the right and print and sign your agreements and send them back in to us at samantha@bigstarsfarm.com

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