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2023 at the Farm:
5 Highlights from Our Regenerative Farm

January 8th

As we begin a new year at Big Stars Farm, our hearts are full with joy at everything we achieved in 2023. This year was packed with community events, important upgrades, and ambitious new farm initiatives. So before we step into the next chapter of our journey, let’s take a moment to acknowledge eight milestones from 2023.

1 - Community Farm Events

From Homeschool days, Farm Camp and sold-out Easter Egg hunts to open-air movie nights, our calendar was filled with fun, immersive events at the farm! It was immensely rewarding to organize occasions that brought our local community together, offering them not only a memorable time but also a first-hand look into our farming practices.

And this is just the beginning!

In the coming year, we plan to bring you cooking classes, Farm Camp For Grownups, interactive farm activities, and lots more. Keep checking our upcoming 2024 events calendar and sign up for the experiences that catch your interest.

2 - Educational Field Trips

We were thrilled to have hosted homeschool co-op trips and school field trips to our farm in both spring and fall, offering young minds the chance to explore  agriculture with hands-on farm learning and activities. Our class field trips feature a day of engaging activities, including a guided nature hike or hay ride, hands-on experiences in our market garden and pumpkin patch, and visits with our friendly farm animals.

For homeschooling families, our field trips are designed to provide both parents and children with a day of regenerative farming fun. We look forward to launching our farm school, an 8 week program, next fall. 

We strongly believe in equipping the next generation with the knowledge and tools to address challenges like climate change and soil degradation. If you’re a homeschooling family or planning class trips for 2024, reach out to us– let’s work together to make it a memorable experience!

3 - Broke ground on The Market Garden

We’ve been busy behind the scenes growing from a personal garden space to our market garden to bring you a wide range of delicious vegetables and food products year around. Alongside our regeneratively grown veggies straight from the farm, we added a small flower patch to offer you-pick flowers this year. This was instrumental in helping to break new ground for the market garden. 

Our Spring veggie crop is in the planning stages now! If you want to shop for veggies in person, you can find us at the Buffalo Gap Farmer’s Market every Saturday beginning in April! We’ll have freshly harvested veggies waiting for you.

4 - Boosted Our Community Communications

Bringing about real change in how we grow our food and heal our soil can only happen when the entire community comes together. This is why we invested this year in enhancing our communications to build a strong connection with our local community. Along with hosting movie nights, Family Farm Days, and participating in the Christmas in Buffalo Gap, we helped to launch the Buffalo Gap Farmers Market to get to meet our customers face to face every weekend as well as provide an outlet for other producers in our area to showcase their goods and grow a stronger local food system. 

We also launched a brand new website that makes it much easier to showcase our events calendar and sign up for our herdshare.

8 - Expanded Our Animal Husbandry Arm


Regenerative agriculture and livestock rearing have shared a symbiotic relationship for ages. We’ve deepened this connection in several ways on the farm this year.

First off, we’ve not only grown our very own apiary by adding two new hives this year but we have also partnered with Babe&Honey from Buffalo Gap to house their bees on the farm and teach them the skills needed to become awesome beekeepers. Their honey is available in our farm store and also at Bucketheads Screen Printing and Abilene Yoga House. 

We would be remiss if we did not talk about our DAIRY! What has quickly become the backbone of the farm has grown by leaps and bounds this year despite a set back or two along the road. 2024 is poised to see growth in the dairy and we will begin offering an expanded raw milk program in late January or Early February (depending on when cows have their calves). We are also working on pasture decisions and fencing projects that will help us attain our regenerative grazing goals and keep our cows grazing year round on fresh grass. 

We are also going back to our roots and how many of you found us in the first place and adding pastured poultry back to our offerings. The chicken facilities have undergone some face lifts and are ready to fill with birds in 2024.

Final Thoughts on 2023

As we celebrate our achievements for the year, we can’t help but be grateful to have a tight-knit community that inspires everything we do at the ranch! We are ready to sow the seeds of regenerative farming in 2024, and we’re excited to see you in this new year. Here’s to a bountiful, regenerative future for us all!

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